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Whale remains stranded ashore | Baleia dá à costa nos Açores

[UK] As Islands work as filters to ocean currents, trapping drifting material, it is expected to have all kinds of floating materials reaching the shores. From the abundance of whales in the Azores region such events are expected.

This time, remains from a ca.7m long whale reached the shore, south of Faial Island. We visited the site today. It was impossible to identify if it was a Baleen, beaked or a sperm whale. The whale is apparently there for a few days, and it has been for long at sea, therefore making it extremely hard to identify a possible cause of death, unless a colision sign is present, wich was not the case from our quick survey.

The regional services started the removal process, wich is a difficult task and may provide further info.

(The images and smell are quite intense so we chose not to include further images)

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