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The Atlantic Naturalist Association is a non-profit public interest organism established in 2018 for Conservation Research and Education.

Its was also born from the appeal of several private entities and companies concern with environmental welfare, private donators, well as national and international institutional partners.

The headquaters are currently in the middle of the Atlantic, in the Archipelago of the Azores, Faial Island, Portugal.

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The Atlantic Naturalist dares to bring new scientific insights to a rapid developing society on an environmentally unstable scenario.

Our Mission

To Study and Protect threathned species and habitats in the Atlantic region, to Educate on Natural History, improving the human interaction with the environment.

Our Vision

The 21st century has new challenges and old threats to natural ecossistems. New age scientists can bring smarter sollutions to our society, promoting co-development of communities and natural habitats.


Helen R. Martins

Senior Scientist and Founder of the Department of Oceanography and FIsheries of the University of the Azores, Chief Editor of Arquipelgo Life and Sciences, it is an inspirational scientist with over 50 publications in the fields of marine sciences.

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Operational team




Over 100 naturalists have became members of the Atlantic Naturalist NGO 

Your help matters! We are waiting for you!

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