Education on Natural History and Environmental Awarness is achieved with public talks, field expeditions, courses and events, as well as through museum content development, publications and informative multimedia tools which can be downloaded here for free.

Our responsibility is immense, as we stand on the shoulders of giants!

School Activities

The Atlantic Naturalist Biologists regularly collaborate with local and international schools to outreach on Natural History and Environmental Awarness. 

Field Expeditions

Hands on class outside is likely the best way to create a change on a person perspective on environmental issues.

Work with Stakeholders

Outreaching and working with Stakeholder groups and NGOS is perhaps the most challenging and fruitfull work. 

Talks & Events

Public Talks, Photography exibitions, Beneficial Events are organized at local and national level.


Science based content on species and important naturalists for an easy reading.

Kids Zone

Original and fun material for the young Naturalists


Download some of our multimedia content to illustrate your conservational event, teach about wildlife and environmental threats.


A selection of videos about the North Atlantic wildlife.