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Reforest local trees around you!

More trees, more birds, more shade, more nature, and less CO2 in the atmosphere!

1 - TEAM! Form a team: group of friends, class (preferably with an adult as the teacher)

2 - PLAN: Think and Look for places that you would like to be planted and, with the help of an adult, try to find out who the owners are (City Hall, Parish Council, Private, etc.)

3 - CONTACT Contact the Parish Council or the City Council and talk about your plan, or even the school's board of directors (they usually have good ideas and will help), Contact the forestry services, plant garden, or a friend of your parents that have trees

4 - PLANTING! In spring or autumn, before the rains, plant the species you managed to get. Generally if they are already about 15 cm tall it will be easier, but you can also try to grow them in yogurt jars.

5 - WATCH! Watch the plantations whenever you can and bring water, if you put your hand in the soil and it is dry they need it!

Share your photos for us to post here!

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