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Pelagic Environment | Coastal Floating Marine Litter

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Summary: Marine litter presents now a global threat at different scales in the Ocean. A large diversity of marine life is being affected and all information available is currently relevant.

Objectives: Study the diversity, density and dispersion of coastal floating marine debries.

Methods & Data: Transects with visual counts during boat tours (whale watching, birdwatching, coastal tours).

Results: (soon)

Publications: MSc Thesis

Partners: MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre; University of the Azores. University of Lisbon; Regional Board of Maritime Affairs.



(More Info soon)


(More Info soon)

2019 - March

Beggining of the 2019 season for floating marine litter monitoring in the Azores with the Naturalist.pt company in Horta, Faial Island.

2019 August - Experimental App & Partnership with Regional Board of Maritime Affairs

First meeting with Regional Board of Maritime Affairs from the Regional Government of the Azores, for experimental smartphone app for floating marine litter data collection.

Data output should be used to achieve DQEM baseline information.

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