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Whale & Dolphin Conservation | Research Overview

Updated: May 4, 2020

The Atlantic Naturalist Team has been developing several studies related to cetacean ecology and conservation.

(more info soon)

Photo Identification

Coordination: Sara Vieira 2020

Images for photo-identification are collected for all cetaceans sighted during the Naturalist, Science and Tourism expeditions, with our Naturalists onboard.

This material is kept in the Atlantic Naturalist computer in Horta, Faial.

This Data is shared with all our partners that wish to analyse such information, e.g.: IMAR / OKEANUS / University of the Azores; or independent researchers such as Dr. Lisa Steiner.

Whale watching impact

This is one of the topics that ATLANTIC NATURALIST comes accross. Several studies are underway and shall be revealed soon.

Cetacean Acoustics

Clara Rodrigues is doing a MSc from ISPA

Thesis overview:

Partners: MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre; University of the Azores. University of Lisbon


October 2019

Clara Rodrigues from #ISPA (Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada) in Lisbon presented today her fresh data from 2019 on Delphinids of the Azores. Data from 55 records on Bottlenose, Common, Spotted and Stripped dolphins now goes into analysis for her MSc in 2020. Good luck Clara, we shall post your results as they get published! (Research Topics and preliminary results are ommited here by choice) Thank you everyone participating and sponsoring our trips!

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